The country has a good telecommunications infrastructure. In recent years the market has developed a lot. Three companies share the fixed, mobile and Internet access market: Maroc Télécom (a subsidiary of the French Vivendi group), Méditel (Moroccan capital) and Wana (subsidiary of Omnium Nord Africain).


To hire a classic telephone line, the cost is 600 DH VAT included, if you choose Maroc Télécom, which is the first telephone company in Morocco. The installation of a second line is usually free. The cost of a local call (from fixed to fixed) is 1 dirham / minute. Also, the cost of a telephone call from Morocco to Spain is 2.50 dirhams / minute and 1.50 hours during the reduced rate hours. If you have a mobile phone, it is best to cancel your contract because the international offers being in Morocco are usually not interesting. It is best to opt for a Moroccan company, which can be Maroc Télécom, Méditel or Wana. If you prefer not to hire a telephone line in Morocco, you can also opt for the locutorios (‘télé-boutique’). This system consists of paying directly in the locutorio the minutes of telephone communication that have been used. The drawback is that these places are usually very noisy because of the number of people passing through.

Will I have Internet access in Morocco?

Cyber ​​cafes are very popular in Morocco, making it easy for visitors to have Internet access. Internet cafes usually open early and close late, and usually charge about 3-5 DH per hour. Many hotels also offer wireless access, but you always have to be careful to understand the way of payment and charges in advance. The country code for Morocco on the Internet is .Ma.

Will my mobile phone work in Morocco?

All mobile phones can receive calls while international roaming is enabled with your provider. Check with your service provider before you travel to avoid unreasonable bills. If you are planning to use a prepaid Moroccan SIM card with your GSM phone to make and receive calls while you are in Morocco, you will need to make sure that you unlock the phone before leaving your home country. The telephone system in general in Morocco is a modern system, with all the typical capacities, however the density is low, with only 7 fixed lines per 100 people. Users of mobile lines have reached 60% in 2007.

To call abroad from Morocco

compose the 00 + international call sign of the called country + the destination number without the 0 (for example: 00 34 1 12 34 56 78).

To call Morocco from abroad

Compose 00 212 + the Moroccan regional prefix without 0 + the subscriber’s number (for example: 00 212 539 12 34 56).

For national calls

The national prefix does not have to be composed. But the regional prefix is ​​composed. For example, the numbers have the following form in Tangier: 0539 12 34 56.

Prefix of major cities

Agadir: 0548 Meknes: 0555 Casablanca: 0522
Laayoune: 0548 Oujda: 0556 El Jadida: 0523
Marrakech: 0544 Fes: 0555 Tetuan: 0539
Tanger: 0539 Rabat: 0537
A Note: The Moroccan prefix has changed, one has to add one (5) for the fixed ones and one (6) for the mobiles 00 212 (5) 39 12 34 56 for the Fixed or 00 212 (6) 61 123 456

Useful phone numbers

Police 19 (from a landline) or 112 (from a cell phone)
Fire and emergency services: 15
Royal Gendarmerie: 177
Information: 160
International Information: 120